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About The Book

JAS FINAL - WEBRES 5_-8651.jpg
JAS FINAL - WEBRES 5_-8651.jpg

Process and turn your grief journey into a treasured keepsake.

If you have lost a loved one, or are looking to help someone who has experienced loss, this wonderful keepsake will beautifully process and capture the grief journey, love and cherished memories, all in one place to be treasured forever.

This book is what you reach for, without hesitation and fear of judgment, to offload your feelings and share your grief experiences by journaling, drawing and adding pictures and mementos such as old tickets, receipts, your loved one’s handwriting, etc, that commemorate them.

What's inside?

In this wonderful companion, there are dedicated spaces to write, draw, add pictures/ mementos to:

  • Express your emotions - Simply let out what you are going through and say what you want to say to your loved one.

  • Capture rituals and special days/events- Share, in writing and pictures/mementos, the special rituals, days and events in your life where you wish your loved one were still here.

  • Treasure cherished memories - Capture stories and memories for years to come.

  • Navigate firsts - Share your first experiences like everyday shopping, returning to work, and many others such as first birthdays/anniversaries, etc.

  • Log dreams/signs - Record the dreams/visitations and signs you believe your loved one communicates with you through.

  • Process the changes in life - Share and explore the roles and relationships that are evolving as you navigate life after your loved one.

Like an ever present, unconditional friend, your grief companion is where you can turn your grief into your tribute to your loved one.

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